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「枳殻邸」の名でも親しまれる東本願寺の飛地境内地「名勝 渉成園」。

東本願寺十三代宣如上人のご隠居所であった「渉成園」。その名は、中国の詩人陶淵明「帰去来辞」の一節 「園日渉而以成趣」(園、日に渉って以って趣を成す)から採られています。








【参加料】無料 ※要渉成園参観料(庭園維持寄付金)


Yosuke Ota


Satoshi Washida


Welcome to "Shosei-en Garden"!

We invite you to "a small world of resonating lives", which changes every single moment and becomes ever more tasteful and charming.

Shosei-en Garden is the nationally designated Place of Scenic Beautyon the grounds of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple.

It used to be the retirement residence of Saint Sennyo, the 13th head priest of Higashi Honganji Temple. The name Shōsei-en(渉成園) is derived from a line in the Chinese poet Tao Yuanming’s poem “Let Me Return Home Again.” Crossing over (渉 shō) the days, my garden (園 en) becomes (成 sei) ever more tasteful.

This garden has been loved by literati of history.
It brings you rich joy, pleasure, the feeling of traveling, nostalgia, and uncountable discoveries when you walk with your five senses.

Please enjoy a little trip into Shosei-en Garden with the guidance of the gardeners for this garden.

To begin this trip, please check in at the reception desk on your right.

The next cube to scan is around the unique stone wall.


Discover messages from our gardeners scattered throughout the garden.
Each message has a QR code built into it. Scan the QR code
and… enjoy the garden’s allure from the gardener’s point of view.

Period: January 9 (Mon./holiday)-29 (Sun.)
Place: The whole area of Shosei-en Garden, a national Place of Scenic Beauty
Fee: Free (*Garden Entry fee required (proceeds used for garden maintenance)
Reservations: Not necessary


Yosuke Ota

Gardener for Shōsei-en Garden and Higashi Hongan-ji Temple. While striving to innovate garden management that protects the biodiversity living in Shōsei-en Garden, he also works toward organizing and researching improvement projects for the forest floor of the Higashiyama mountains. With affection for all living things, he cares for Shōsei-en Garden by looking at it from the viewpoint of the life living inside it. His philosophy toward the natural world is to “try eating everything once.”

Satoshi Washida

Gardener for Shōsei-en Garden and Higashi Hongan-ji Temple. He is a gardener who involves himself in garden creation, attracted to the allure of the Japanese garden as work of art that transcends reason. With contemporary art deepened by learning as his backbone, he cares for the garden daily in hopes of achieving a more intimate connection between Japanese gardens and art/literati culture. At Shōsei-en Garden, he is charge of “Garden Tours Enjoyed with All Five Senses” and the “Sencha Tea Lecture.”

Hosted and Planned by Ueyakato Landscape Co., Ltd.

Selected by the Japan Tourism Agency for “the Project to Promote Revitalization and High Value-Addition of Tourist Attractions"